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If you were involved in a car accident call the Ast Law Firm at 305-307-5208. A car accident can lead to serious personal injury. If you decide to hire our firm, I promise you that you will always have access to a lawyer who will answer all your questions. A rear-end collision is the simplest type of car accident case. When a persons car is hit from behind the accident usually occurs while waiting at a stop sign or a red light. If this happened to us, then you have a case. People often suffer what is known as a whiplash. Don’t let the term whiplash minimize your injury.

The human body is not built to withstand the kind of impact a person experiences in a rear-end collision. What insurance companies call whiplash actually has a medical term and is called an acceleration / deceleration injury. The injury occurs when the head moves forward (acceleration) and then snaps back (deceleration). Keep in mind that the human head is one of the heaviest parts of the human body. The head rests on seven fragile cervical vertebrae, which are not meant to speed up and slow down with the great force involved in a car accident. Other common injuries include knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, neck, back, and head injuries in a car accident. Clients often tell me that their body didn’t start hurting until two or three days after a car accident. This is very common.

In Florida we have what is known as PIP insurance. This means protection against personal injury, and it covers, the injured occupant of a motor vehicle for up to ten thousand dollars in medical benefits. However, in order to receive the maximum benefits from your PIP coverage, you must do certain things shortly after your car accident. The PIP benefit can be greatly reduced if you, the injured person, do not act quickly.