Ask me questions about your case by calling the Irwin Ast Law Firm. I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Although most legal questions require an in person meeting, the questions below are meant to speak to very common questions.

My law firm never charges anything for a consultation and neither do most personal injury lawyers, so call a few attorneys, then call my law firm. If my law firm does not get you a settlement or a judgment then my law firm never charges you anything and you owe nothing. If we do not get you a settlement or a judgment than we cannot charge you for our time, or our costs in making your claim.

Most cases involve car accidents. If you were in a car accident and your vehicle was hit from behind, you most likely have a case. Provided of course you did not come to a sudden stop. If a car comes to a sudden stop in front of you then you might have a case against that vehicle. There are many more facts which need to be analyzed regarding intersection accidents, road construction accidents, pedestrian accidents, large truck accidents.

A proper investigation into the facts of your case will help a lawyer answer your legal questions . Preferably you should choose an attorney experienced in handling injury claims and cases. Remember most personal injury lawyers provide free consultations. Call a few lawyers, then call me at 305-307-5208, or toll free at (844) 4 AST-LAW.